The place where mosaic artists tell their stories…

Have you ever looked at a mosaic and wondered who created it? Where they get their inspiration from? Where did they learn their craft? And why use mosaics? Well, some of the answers are here. And if they’re not, hey, come along and enjoy the ride! These artists are interesting people and they take great joy in their work, but each story is different. See what you can learn from their experiences.

Hello and welcome. My name is Ian Laurie. I’m an academic researcher and amateur mosaic artist and it’s my love for mosaic art that has led me to conduct and publish this series of interviews with artists who specialise in mosaics. I’ve read plenty of (very good) books and articles detailing the history and techniques of mosaic art. So, I’ve been drawing on my research and interview skills to understand more about the work of mosaic artists, how they came to use and create mosaics and what their inspirations are. For me, learning about the artist is as informative as the instruction. So, please, read on, learn, and enjoy!

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